About Warscrap.io

Warscrap io is an online, multiplayer, third person shooter game. The action is intense and without pause. It is played in co-op mode. The aim of the game is simple; you fight to defend your territory with your team while protecting your territory from other teams.

You join up with other players from around the globe to form a team. Your team has to defend itself, its facilities and its territory from other alien teams and also fight off waves of killer robots at the same time. You must ensure they do not take over your territory as you fight to defend yours and take over theirs simultaneously.

However, detecting foes is easy as you receive a warning every time an enemy is in your vicinity. This warning comes as a text prompt on the screen.   Your weapons are restricted to firearms and a sword. The sword is a nice touch. It allows the character go full medieval when the firearms aren’t enough to deal destruction to any foe. You earn more XP as you kill more enemies.

warscrap.io game

The game is thrilling and action packed. Though the terrain is quite ambitious for an .io game, the objective is as straightforward as they come.

Controls in Warscrap.io

WASD keys are for movement in all directions around the terrain.

WASD buttons on the keyboard can be used for moving the characters around.

  • W - Forward/Up. 
  • A - Left/Sideways.
  • S - Right/Sideways.
  • D - Backwards/Downwards.
  • Space Bar is used for Jumping.
  • E button is used for action or engaging a foe.
  • P button is used to pause the game and display options.
  • L key is used to lock and unlock mouse during gameplay.
  • ‘Enter’ key is used to initiate in-game chat.

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