A true gamer always loves playing games that involves combat. These type of games require strategy, right timing and whole lot of focus and attention. Well, is a game developed by our favorite IO games. The game is all about fighting and surviving in the toughest conditions.

Gameplay description

Enter the name and choose wizard, dwarf or villain to start the game. In the magic world of the game hunt for discoveries. Fight against the monsters and demons that come your way. Move your avatar around the map and kick off other online players from the map to turn the tables to your side because the aim is to become the best player and top the score board. game

As this is an online game, everyone is on the same mission. Opponent will try to bring you down but you have to defend yourself from them. Plan ahead of everyone and only focus on winning. The game is engaging and a time killer so if you are bored, will aid you and keep you entertained for as long as you may want.

Controls to play the game

You need to use your mouse and keyboard of the laptop of pc to play the game. Use the mouse to move the direction of the avatar and press keyboard’s key “W” to move it forward. To attack press the number keys 1 and 2. Or click left on the mouse Reviews