About Orn.io

At one time or the other, we all have played with the balls, whether it be throwing and catching, bat and ball or just rolling the ball on the ground. IO games has made a game to cherish our memories of when we were young.

Gameplay description

The game starts off with entering a name and choosing the skin for the ball. The game area is white. Roll over your ball across the white tiles to gather the balls. By collecting the colorful balls your ball will enlarge in size. Consume the small balls and stay away from the larger ones as they will eat you. Do not fall off the tiles as you will be out of the game. The idea is to roll enough to reach the top of the score board.

orn.io game

The game has very amazing graphics as colorful balls look ravishing contrasted with the white tiles. If you want to talk to the players in the game about game and other gossip look at the bottom left there is an online chat. You can talk to other players through the chat.


The game is simple and cool to play and hence involves easy controls. You can play either with a mouse or a keyboard of your laptop or PC. To play with the mouse. Move your mouse to change the path of your ball. Long click left to move the ball forward. To play by means of a keyboard, use the keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D”.

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