Petroglyph games are rehashing some classic retro game concepts in this new release.  Enter the fun, awesome and intensely exciting world of It is a free, online, multiplayer game. This game bears many similarities to the popular game from the 80’s, Bomberman. However, it surpasses Bomberman by light-years in terms of sheer intensity of gameplay. game

This is basically a war of emojis, you do not have to engage in any physical combat though, simply drag your smiley self across the terrain bombing and snatching jewels. You are guaranteed a ton of fun as you bomb and snatch your way to the top of the leaderboard.


The objective of the game is threefold; kill, avoid and collect. And by that I mean kill all the red, angry-faced emojis called ‘meanies’, avoid all the other players and collect the jewels that line the terrain. You kill by dropping bombs near the intended victim then you scurry away and watch them blow away to smithereens. As you kill, take care to avoid the meanies because merely touching them could kill you. You have to avoid other players as collect the jewels.  As you rack up more jewels, your emoji character increases in size and so do the bombs it drops. drawing game

Bomby io can be played on both PC’s and Mobile devices. Though, it adopts some classic retro game elements is still a treat to play. It is thrilling despite its simplicity. 


The game does not require the use of the keyboard at all. Only the mouse is necessary for controlling the characters.

  • You move with your mouse in any direction you wish.
  • Left click to drop a bomb.
  • Right click to boost speed for short periods/sprint Reviews