About Klad.io

Klad.io is a new game designed the very famous game makers called the IO games. Preliminarily, they have been famous for games such as Surviv.io, Gartic.io, Puble.io, Teamball.io and many more. Klad io is suitable for all types of ages but particularly it will interest the teenagers and young adults. The basic idea of the game is to shoot everything and everyone.

Gameplay description

To start the game, enter your name and choose a gun from 6 guns. Also choose your gun man. You can change the color of his clothes as well. Move your gun man around the beautiful green and brown arena. Shoot the players which will come in your way. To jump higher use jetpack. You may also use the jetpack to defend yourself from the players who attack you. It’s better to stay away from the enemy and shoot from a distance.

klad.io game

You can also chat during the game with the players who are playing. But make sure the chat doesn’t distract you from the true aim of reaching the top of the score board by eliminating everyone else.

Controls to play the game

Use the keyboard and mouse of your PC or laptop to play this game. Move your gun man using the keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D”.  To fire the gun click left on the mouse and to open the jetpack click left on the mouse. If bullets are to be reloaded, reload the gun by pressing R on the keyboard.

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