About is a great game to experience aquatic warfare with the different equipment at the disposal of players. As a player of, you are in a combat arena where your goal is to destroy all other opponents with the weapons and equipment you choose.

There are six weapons to choose from in You should master whatever weapon you choose, and this is a major determinant of how well you will do in the game. You are going to encounter a lot of enemy ships during your play, and you should aim to destroy as many as possible. game

The more enemy ships you destroy, the more points you acquire. When you acquire the highest number of points, you get to the top of the leaderboard. Getting to the top of the leaderboard wouldn't be an easy task for you as that's the goal of every player, so brace up for action. Your ability to lead on a game like also depends on how well you can develop an attack strategy. One good strategy you can adopt is to shoot the spots where the enemy ships are known to appear.


Enemy attacks can come in the form of submarines, ships and planes. You could shoot planes and enemy ships, but you avoid submarines as attacking them is usually a futile effort. You would most likely not see a submarine until it's too late, so you should be extra mindful of them.

If your ship stays unharmed for a short while, it repairs automatically. Apart from that, there are no speed boosts or upgrades. You send shots at enemy ships with the left click button, while you can control your ship with the mouse. is a great game that is both fun and action-filled. Reviews