About is an attractive colourful online game. The game is set in space. Yes, space! A star figure roams around in a planet, gathering enough star dust to get bigger and bigger. Your opponents are other stars, which you have to ram into in order to gain superiority and become number 1. gameplay


All you have to do is collect stardust present in the arena to increase your star’s orbit size. However, you are not going to be the only one. There are other players reaching for the same goal. That is to become the biggest star in the game and impale all others.

Move through the arena and collect colourful little bulb-like star dust. As you collect more and more of it, the size of your star will increase. On your way, you will face opponents. You have to dash into those stars to gain more stardust and eliminate competition. game

However, keep in mind that your momentum should be greater than your opponent if you wish to cause them damage. Otherwise, it is possible they impale you instead and eliminate you from the game. A table on the left side of screen shows what rank you are at while playing the game. After collecting enough stardust required, you can move onto net planets and continue reigning


Controls for this beautiful game are quite easy. You can use your mouse to direct your star and collect stardust by moving through them. Tap on your keypad or click left key of your mouse to ram into your opponents. You can also use this control to escape your opponents. Reviews