About Game is another captivating, amazing and exciting io kind of game. The game presents you to a tough battle between powerful troops. is an online multiplayer action game with a view from above. The major of objective is to survive as long as possible by killing your enemies in the arena. game

Although the rules are simple, you have to be extremely careful while in the arena because there are no medic-kits and any bullet you allow to hit you shortens your life. Us, Europe and Asia are the three servers in which you can move in to and fro. There are also collections of guns such as rifles, heavy and light machine guns. You have the choice of selecting different types of guns from the arsenal. is a must play for every action game lover. 

Gameplay description 

The main objective in is to survive and gain as many points as possible. When your enemy is wounded in combat, and you happen to be the last person to attack him, the points will be awarded to you. You can become a bandit or a soldier, also funds will be given to you which will be used to acquire weapons. At the first stage, you can totally equip your character and give him a hand to take down your enemies. If you are able to earn more funds, you can acquire new weapons and more sophisticated equipment. These weapons can be switched to suit every situation you encounter. 

How to play

The control methods of this game are of no difference to the methods in which other multiplayer games are controlled. Letters WASD and the arrow keys can be used to move your character in different directions. Shot your enemies my left clicking the mouse. Reviews