In the world of humanity, there are lots of curvatures in the path. The road can get twisted to the most critical level. Such moments bring up anxiety, excitement, and joy at the same time. For anyone looking for a big adrenaline rush, will provide the best experience of your life. Truly, it’s nerve-breaking! game

This is a great IO game that includes several versions of the original game. The Curve Fever 2 is playable with Flash Player where Curve Fever 3 is better and polished with superb graphics, despite being an IO game. There’s also a Curve Fever Pro edition. For Windows users, there’s also a Windows edition of the game, for even better gameplay experience.


The gameplay of CurveFever.IO is quite different than any other IO game. It’s a rather critical one that will blow your mind. Really, it’s a whole new level in the world of IO. gameplay

You are an avatar that flies throughout the map. All the avatars in the map release a hardened line in the path, having breaks in places. Your target is to survive throughout the entire map. You can shoot and break the barriers. There’re consumables flying all around yourself. You’ll die if you ever collide with any line. The target is the last “avatar” standing on the map.

The best graphics are featured in the Curve Fever Pro with superb 3D shading. In others, the graphics aren’t top notch, yet quite good.


In this game, your avatar moves forward automatically, so you have to be careful. If you’re playing Curve Fever Pro, there’re some additional controls.

  • Movement – Right arrow + Left arrow
  • Brake – Down arrow (Curve Fever Pro)
  • Shoot – Up arrow (Curve Fever Pro)


The game is based on luck quite a bit. However, you can control your avatar and keep the luck factor at bay. Focus on your path towards survival. Within a very short time, the entire map becomes full of. drawing game

First of all, learn how to control your avatar. The view is fixed and doesn’t change with your avatar’s rotation. Try to avoid getting hit by any blocks. Don’t worry; even if you team up with your friends, you won’t live to get help from your friends.

This IO game features different types of in-game currencies. These currencies can be used to unlock different types of awesome skins. You can spend real money to buy some splendid skins as well. Ready to rush your adrenaline? Reviews