If you love fighting you are at the right play. It’s better to fight someone in the game rather than fighting in real life and doing the damage. Brutes io is a game developed by the IO games. It is an online arcade games which involves punching hard. So if you are obsessed with the boxing and punches, this game is the best for you to play and enjoy yourself.

Gameplay description

The game involves punching other players. They will also punch you. if you see your health meter on top going red, get away from the combat area for a few moments. Restore the health and then come back for the revenge. You can do regular punching and as well as high damage punching by charging your punch and then releasing it at the right time for maximum punch. As you see your opponent getting up, escape from the area. game

Collect the growth orbs while playing the game. Your avatar will grow after every 3 level ups. The growth will make your punch do more damage and you will have more health. But this aging with come with its cons, such as your movement and recovery from damage will be slower.

Controls for

The game is simple and easy to play it involves using a keyboard or a mouse of your laptop or PC. To Punch click left on the mouse. You can also use your keyboard, press the space bar to punch. To charge your punch for higher damage hold the punching button for a few seconds and then release. Reviews