What is Woopdrift.io?

Woopdrift is an awesome yet unique racing game with attractive interface and cool looking figures. If you love cars and races, Woopdrift is going to be a treat for you. The game is online and totally free. You will have the time of your life playing this fun game which can be played among multiplayers. Woopdrift is definitely not your average car racing game.


As with all epic games, Woopdrift allows you to select a character for yourself from a total of 7. Each character has been depicted as a real person. The game introduces you to Jeremie, Malcolm, Mike, Mister V, Youssoupha, Hakim and Hugo. Each character has his own distinctive vehicle. To identify yourself, you will be given a chance to choose a unique nickname for yourself before entering the racing arena.

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All the vehicles have different speed, acceleration, adherence and manoeuvrability qualities. This is essentially what makes Woopdrift a unique kind of racing game. You can choose any vehicle according to your likeness. The vehicles are designed differently as well. Once you are launched in the game, you will see your rank on the screen that will be measured according to your performance throughout the game.

You have to collect money distributed in the arena as well as bonuses. This will lead to upgraded vehicle qualities. If you do well and keep yourself safe from opponents’ attack, you will be ranked higher in the game. And you do not just have to drive around, to achieve maximum rank you will have to attack opponent vehicles and make sure you eliminate competition.


The controls for such an epic game are relatively simple. Moving your cursor will direct the movement of your vehicle. You can tap long on your keypad or keep the click of your mouse pressed for increased speed. To attack the opponents, you can press the spacebar on your keyboard. As for the prizes, you can simply move through them to collect them.

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