About The Game is another strategy game offered by io games. io games are becoming more and more popular as it is easy for someone to access them. There are many games offered by io that are featuring some sort of survival for users. strategy game

Doomed io is one of them. In, you have nothing to start with. You have to collect the items as much as you can. In collection process, you may have to face the enemies and kill them. You can use your hands to gather some wood to build your home. This wood can be used to make a pickaxe.

Gameplay Description

In, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Natural disasters like lava can be dangerous for you. Collect 20 wood pieces to build a pickaxe. Always try to find new resources and create your own base. This will make you safe from your enemies (other online players). drawing game

You can make a partner in the game as well and build a base together. Now you can hunt and find food together to keep your health and strength up. There are many weapons to work with. Just grab them and kill other players to level up. The game actually relates to the reality of an army man. He is trained to live there in the wild forests with nothing with him at the start. He finds some ways to feed himself and live there in the forest.

How to Play?

The game controls are not different from other io games. You have to use keys WASD to move on the game map. Left mouse key helps us to pick an item or attack enemies. The space bar is used to jump or charge. Q is used to drop an item is used to destroy a building (your opponent's building). The E key is used to unmount or mount the weapon.

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