About Pie.ai

Do you love food? Well that’s not a question to be asked as everyone loves food. This game is designed by the AI games for all the foodies out there. Like humans eat food and grow, similarly in this game the avatar eats food and grows. But obviously at a much faster rate than humans.

Gameplay description

The game starts off with the avatar standing in a colorful themed arena. Jump your avatar towards the food and eat it. The avatar can also eat other avatar. As more and more the avatar eats food, it will grow bigger and bigger. There is a red zone which you have to stay away from. It can pop anywhere at any time, so jump out the area which is turning pinkish red. If you are affecting by the red poison your health will deteriorate and eventually you will die.

pie.ai game

However, if your health is low, you can save yourself by jumping onto the green block which has the aid sign. Click on it, wait a few seconds and jump inside the hole. This will restore your health back to being green from alarming red.

This is the game I highly enjoy playing, as it involves eating food. It seems as if I am eating the real food. So get started and check how much food you can take in until your avatar bursts and dies. Be the one to top the score board.

Controls to play the game

Use the mouse of your laptop or PC to play. Click right to jump and eat the food. The game is simple to play. Go and get rid of your hunger quickly.

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