About is a cute and fun multiplayer online game. The game gets its name after the popular meme character Knuckles. This character will move around in deep sea with a spear in hand. You have to take a swing at your opponents, collect gems to level up and become number 1 in the arena. Beware, your opponents will be as excited to poke you. So you have to remain protected while attacking all your competitors.

Gameplay will test your reflexes and control. You have to poke your competitors while keeping yourself safe from their spears. As the number of your kills gets higher, your rank in the arena will also increase. To boost up your speed and power, you have to collect artsy sprinkling gems that are distributed in the arena.

The visuals are so colourful that you will find yourself loving them. The character can take cover in the big palm trees. The beach setting is also a very nice touch. As you collect gems, you will gain points. More points mean you can easily level up. This will help the speed of your character and dodge your opponents efficiently.

Like many online games, there will be a leader board in this game to exhibit top players in the arena. You can also choose any cool nickname for your character. If you get killed, you can choose to play again but the game will start from level 1.


The controls of are as simple as the game itself. To control the direction and movement of your character, you can use the mouse. Left click of the mouse, or a tap on your keypad will boost the speed of the character to dash towards or away from an opponent. Reviews