Did you ever imagine flying like a bird? It’s been one of the most common and cherished dreams of every human being. For the all the bird gamers, it’s the best opportunity to get loose on Piaf.io where you can fly anywhere in the arena and rule like a BOSS! Piaf.io is an awesome game where you will have the adrenaline rush for sure.


This game is full of fun and excitement. Every single moment, you have the opportunity to crush others and getting crushed at the same time. Along with the cool graphics and vibrant coloring, the game is pretty fluid and intuitive.

piaf.io game

You play as a bird having a ring around yourself. There are 3 balls rotating in the ring. The balls will help you crush others and dash your body towards any direction. Although the main thing is the bird, you can even change into anything – demon, bat, bee etc. There are lots of customizable options available in the “Skins”.

Currently, the game only has one mode – the classic mode. In the future, another mode is upcoming (Zombie mode).


The game is a bit complex in the case of controls. There are several controls available. Note that your avatar (the flying creature) works like the helicopter games – click the screen, it’ll fly; no click, it’ll fall downwards.

  • Fly – A, D or Left arrow, Right arrow [the direction of flying]
  • Dash – Spacebar
  • Grab – W, P or S
  • HUD (hide/show) – Tab


This game increases the fun by adding the additional methods of killing others. You grow gradually when eating foods available in the arena and so does your ring. Your ring can contain maximum 3 balls.

The ring has several special characteristics. First of all, it will hold the balls in the orbit. Whenever your dash, you’ll leave a marked zone of the size of your ring.

The balls are your ultimate weapon. When the balls are large, they’ll allow you dash towards any direction. After each dash, one of the balls will shrink. To regain the size, you need to eat foods. The bigger your creature is the higher cooldown for your dashing. The big balls will allow you crush enemies; whenever they touch the ball, they die and you get more points. Note that the smaller balls won’t do any damage to opponents.

piaf.io unblocked

When you dash, the marked zone is dangerous for others. If other players touch the border of your marked zone, they’ll die. Just like that, you can’t touch the border of other players’ marked zones or you’ll die. Thus, the balls and dashing are your essential tools for making the kill.

Moreover, if you’re in trouble, you can dash out of the area. There are some special foods with higher luminosity. Eating those will give quite a boost to you. If your avatar touches others, they’ll die or you’ll die; so be careful.

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