Colors everywhere, artistic people love to use them to paint. When paintings are completed they look beautiful and amazing. Once or more, we all have painted a master piece whether it be out own name or a beautiful landscape. Painty io is a game developed by the IO games in which you can use your artistic skills and bomb other players.

Gameplay description

Start the game by entering your games. You will enter a dark themes arena. Move your paint machine around the map. Eat the colorful food that can be seen on the map to increase the XP and regain deteriorated health. The food is on the map with colors such as yellow, red, pink, blue, purple and etc. Kill other monsters to increase the size of your paint ball. Bomb other players with the paint and eliminate them from the game. The ultimate goal is to get the crown on and be on top of the score board. gameplay

Other players will also chase you so stay away from players with big paint balls since they will be more powerful and kill you before you kill them. Also, protect yourself using a shield.


Use the mouse of your laptop or computer to move the paint ball machine. You can also use keyboards arrow keys to move it. Click left on mouse to attack with paint and click right to throw the bomb. You may use shield with E and laser with R key. Reviews