About NoBrakes io

Driving is fun, one can drive to places or can also go on a road trip. But it gets scary when the breaks fail. In other words, driving with no brakes. is a blue themed game by the IO games which involves cars that keep on running.

Gameplay description

The game starts once there are 3 or more cars ready to race. You have to either move forward or race backwards on the track. The track is curvy and requires you to take turns. Since this is a race, you must speed up to be the first one to reach the finishing line. If you go off the track and hit the sideway, your car will crash and your will be out of the race. Once the race ends, you earn game coins. The number of coins you get depends on how far you have been in the race. gameplay

Show off your driving and gaming skills because the car will keep on moving since it is rightly called, No Brakes. Enjoy this game with your pals and family, as it is suitable for all ages.

Controls to play the gameĀ 

Either use a mouse or keyboard to play No brakes. Use the arrow keys to move the car forward, backwards left and right. You can also use the mouse to move the car in these directions. Click left to move the car forward. Click left to increase the speed of the car. Reviews