Have you ever wanted to go in the underwater world and explore what is life there? How about you could become a jellyfish for some time and look at what in there in the water world. Yes, this is possible, play the game and become a jelly fish. Explore what in down in the water.

Gameplay description

Choose a skin or create your own skin of the jelly fish and enter your name to start the game. The game takes place in the underwater world. Move your jelly fish around in the sea and eat the blue colored food to grow in size. The more the jelly fish grows the more it will be able to eat other online jelly fishes of players. game

You may speed up your jelly fish if you see a gigantic jelly fish coming to eat you. Because one eaten the game will be over and you will lose all the progress. Do not go near the border as it may deteriorate the health of the jelly fish and eventually kill it. Moreover, do not eat your own tail so to prevent this, take long turns and avoid short sudden u turns.

Controls to play the game

Use the mouse to move the jelly fish in a respective direction. For example, move upwards to move the jelly wish up in the water. To increase the speed of the jelly fish, either click left on the mouse or press space bar on the keyboard or your laptop or Computer. Reviews