About game

When I was young, I remember forming army units and playing with tanks. Bombing each other and whose army was to dead first use to lose the game. The one who fought and stayed till they end was the winner. Similarly, IO games has made a game to revive our memories of when we were adolescents.

Gameplay description

Enter a nickname to start the game. The game starts off in a maze. You have to move your tank in the maze and bomb other tanks. There are different colored tanks available for every player. When you bomb, and if it hits the walls of the maze it will come back to you. So, move away from where you release the bomb. gameplay

There will be a crown on the map that is the player who has the highest score, kill that tank so that player is eliminated from the game. Other users will also throw bombs at you so make sure you are not too close to anyone and not facing anyone’s tanks face because both the tanks will blow up. Your ultimate goal is to bomb the maximum number of players and get the crown on your tank’s head. Chase the score and become the next king of the game.

Controls to play the game Super Tanks

Super tanks can be played using a mouse of the Laptop or a computer. Move the tank using the mouse. To release the bomb, click left on the mouse. Reviews