Ever imagined yourself in a battleship, ruling over the sea? The terrifying ship in the world that diminishes her enemies without any mercy? If you love playing with such a mighty battleship, it’s your time to jump into where you’ll rule the sea with your own mighty battleship.


The gameplay is quite interesting. First of all, you own a battleship that doesn’t look so cool but don’t let the view deceive you. The ship packs the power of the strongest weapons and engines that combined together is able to destroy anyone in the field. gameplay

The graphics are quite awesome and smooth. The firing is also quite interesting as it allows you take action depending on the projectile. However, don’t think of having an iron grip on your movement, as water doesn’t provide much friction. Along with all the jumble in the battlefield, time to show your skill as the world marshal.


The controls are slightly difficult to get into, but eventually, it’s quite easy to get into your head.
Direction – cursor [the ship will head towards the cursor’s direction]

  • Go forward – W
  • Shoot – left-click (mouse)

Go to a specific position – right-click [right-click to a place to move your ship towards that point]
Use special ability – Spacebar


This game is all about strategy and your skill. All the ships are on same level, no upgrades. However, there are several power-ups available throughout the arena to help you out in the chaos and in cases, give you a big hand in need.

When you spawn, you don’t have anything powerful in hand. So, try to grab any power-up that strengthens your attacks. There are several types of bullets available – sniper, torpedo, and 3-cannons. Sniper will shoot fast and strong, but slower. Torpedo is nice and powerful with good range. 3-cannons work as a shotgun – less powerful at ranged attack, but brutal on face-to-face combat. So, choose your type and rule the day.

There are mines & shields available as well. Mines will drop a powerful mine in the water. It does area damage, so it’s a good chance to use when enemies are chasing you in a group. Shields will protect you from others’ firing and help you evade to a safer point.

There are also health refills. Whenever you’re low on health, try to get them as fast as possible. Your health doesn’t regenerate without “health regeneration” power-up. Don’t get outside the ring or you’ll die within a few seconds. Reviews