No matter how much you say, cockroaches are one of the toughest creatures of the entire world. They’ve been surviving in the ever-changing world for millions of years! In fact, they’re one of the toughest creatures in the world in case of surviving? Almost everyone in the world hates them. Now, the time has come to choose your side – cockroaches or humans.


The gameplay of Room24 is quite different and comes in 2 variations – humans and cockroaches. Yes, it’s true that you can PLAY as a cockroach or as a human. In cockroach world, your target is to become larger and suck out the life power of humans. When you’re a human, your target is to kill as many cockroaches as you can. game

Don’t worry; the cockroaches in hardly represents the real world, thanks to the cartoonish graphics. I believe that it’s the main reason I love to play as a cockroach. The humans are dangerous and the most delicious target to attack, but you need skill and some tactics to get the most out of it.

Note that your score in is limited. The highest possible score is 20,000 and that’s obviously difficult to earn. But if you’re capable of, you’ll become the Ghost of the Room.


The game comes up with incredibly easy controls. However, don’t let the controls fool you, as the real challenge starts at the chaotic battlefield.

  • Movement – cursor [cockroach/human will follow your cursor]
  • Attack – Left-click (consumes score if not hitting the enemy) [cockroach – fly until reaching a human + suck the life out of human; human – use bug spray]


This is the most interesting and fun part of the game. Depending on your side, the strategy differs a lot.

First of all, make sure that you choose your desired path. If you choose cockroach, you can have the freedom of roaming around without having trouble. However, humans have to worry about all the irritating creatures and kill them as soon as possible. strategy

There are foods scattered throughout the arena. Eat that food to grow your avatar in size. This will also increase your point. Note that before you reach 10 points, you can’t attack an enemy. Eat food to grow and earn your ability to attack. Then, the real fun begins.

You have a vision area in front of you. Anything else in the dark zone won’t be visible to you unless you’re a Ghost. If your enemy attacks you from the back, you won’t have anything to do. That’s why make sure to keep a sharp look around yourself.

When you reach Ghost form, you’re literally invincible. You’re still vulnerable to others’ attacks, but no one will see you unless you’re being attacked or you attack. There are also other advantages, like switching off the visible light. There are some objects at the arena. Only cockroaches can hide behind the objects. If you’re a human, make sure to look out for any surprise cockroach party! Reviews