About Game is an online game where you need to fight your enemies in a way that you become the survivor at the end of the game. The game released in late 2017. It is developed by the same developers who developed, named Vincent de Vries and Sidney de Vries.  You don't need to have an application or software to play the game. Just visit foesio and start playing without any sign-up or login information. game

Foes io is a little fast game and checks your competitiveness, your mindset and how quick you react to certain positions. Just fight till the end and be the last one there in the game.

Gameplay Description game is like some other fighting games we find on mobile phones or computers. The player must have to find weapons in the game as soon as possible and must stay away from the red zone in the game.

This is a time-based game. When time starts, move toward the nearest building block as fast as you can. You will be able to get a gun or multiple guns at a time on the map. Get those guns. This will make you safe from other enemies on the map. Once you get the guns, move to adjacent blocks and find the ammo box. If someone tries to get your box, use guns to stop them. You can get their ammo boxes as well by making a shot or two. Do not be hyper at the start of the game as ammo and health is important to stay within the game. gameplay

You can use Jeeps and Motorcycles to move fast but it is a little risky option as well. Do not hit a person again and again.  You need to stay ready to stop and be fast all the time. Always be alert when you are near to the roadblocks.

If you are not using the vehicle then do not move straight through the road. Keep changing your positions. This will help you in saving your ammo boxes. When you engage your enemies, be quick on your feet. It’s the footwork that matters more than the aim of yours in this game. Killing more enemies in the game is not the win, it is important to kill only one- the last one in the game.

How to Play?

There are different keys used for different operations. The keys 'W', 'A','S', and 'D' are used to move in a specific direction. The F key is used for the interactions. The space key is used for a dash. The left mouse key is used to attack your enemies and Q is used to switch your weapon. The scroll is also used for switching of the weapons. The game just involves the basic strategy. You just need to know where you must be at a specific time and be the last survivor. Enjoy the game and sharp your mind! Reviews