IO games are really fun and exciting at the same time. Here’s another brand new and fun IO game to play with friends – The game is just about survival in the arena. You play as a hungry creature ready to eat everything in the path and evolve to the ultimate beast!


The gameplay is very simple. Your avatar is a semi-squared creature with 4 legs and a cartoonish face. The graphics are very simple and smooth. The more you eat, the larger you become. There are other players on the map as well. You have to survive among them as long as possible. gameplay

To attack other players, you have to try to eat them from their backside. If both of you clash head-on, none of you will be damaged. A really exciting feature is “Evolution”. The more you eat, the more point you get. Once you reach a limit, your character will be evolved to next level and unlock a “Skill”. The skill can be active or passive. Choose wisely, as the skills are quite important for eating opponents and survive in the arena. As long as you choose to evolve, your avatar turns into an egg and hatches after a fixed time. In the meantime, you have to choose your desired upgrade. Otherwise, a random upgrade will be chosen.


The strategy is very simple and common to all IO games – survive and get the most point. The game is a bit awkward that you have to bite at your opponent’s backside to get points. strategy

Unless you’ve reached a relatively high level or have a perfect chance, don’t engage any opponent and try to stay alive as much as possible. Eat all the small foods in the field to grow up. If you get caught in a biting mayhem, try to run unless you have an upper hand. Don’t miss any opponent to bite unless you are in the proper condition.

Controls controlsThe game is fairly easy to control. If you’re playing on a PC browser, your avatar will follow your cursor. The gameplay is pretty smooth but switch to Firefox if you love even smoother experience. Make sure to choose the right server at the game’s beginning for the better result.
The movement of your avatar is very simple. Just point your cursor in the right direction. After evolving, if you unlocked any ability, you’ll see the respective keyboard button on the lower part of the screen.
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