About Nightpoint io

Are you into killing ruthlessly and brutally, with loads of guns and ammo? Well this game is what you have been wishing for. The idea of this game is to kill the zombies and anti-humans in order to earn points. In order to progress through the game, the player has to remain on the top of the leaderboard with the most kills. This game is so mesmerizing that you will have no idea how many hours you will put in. This game has a lot to offer, it has wide range of skins (characters), variety of guns, unlimited ammo, different locations and teams to choose from. I love zombie games, and this game showcases everything that makes it a perfect action packed thriller. game

Gameplay Description

The zombies or anti-humans you kill will spawn again in waves, so watch out you might find yourself surrounded by a couple of zombies at a moment. The player will have a pistol as a starter weapon, but as the player kills the anti-humans, a new weapon will be available in the upgrade slot. There are 4 upgrade slots available and a health bar. Every kill will earn you a score, so note that each kill will earn you a score that will help you get on the top of the leaderboard. However, watch out for the large zombies or humans they have bigger health bars, so they require more effort into killing. gameplay description

There are a couple of guns in the game; every gun has a unique way of firing, such as the pistol fire a bullet one at a time, a machine-gun that shoots bullets faster, a shot gun that shoots more than one bullet at a time, and there are more that you will you uncover as your progress through the game. A map is available for the player to know where other players are.

How to play how to playThe player needs a computer mouse to aim the fire at an enemy. Use the left mouse button to fire. Use the keyboard keys, WASD to move around in the map. Use the space bar to jump around that will help you to dodge the fire from enemy.

Other than this, the game gives upgrade slots in which your weapons will be saved. Reviews