About Wormate.io

Wormate.io is a funny and interesting multiplayer online game that can be played with either the PC or smartphones. If you are familiar with sliter.io which can be found on the .io game site, then you will have to agree with me that wormateio is an upgraded and more interesting version of all the .io games found online. Game lovers can play this game for several hours without even feeling as if they have spent a minute because of how interesting and captivating this game can be. Wormate io also features awesome power-ups and lots of customizations and amazing food graphics that make them appear more tasty to the fussiest of worms.

wormate.io game

Gameplay Description  

When playing wormate.io game, you will start as a small worm and eat as many sweet treats as you can and kill other worms on the playing map and eat up their mass to become the biggest worm around. This increases the chances that a smaller worm can run into you, then you can take their sweet treats and become even bigger. While your worm is still small and growing,  it is recommended that you don't try to fight other bigger worms because you don't have a body big enough to catch them off-guard, but you can also try and salvage sweet treats off dead worms. 

wormate.io description

In the course of killing other worms to eat up their mass and become the biggest worm round,  you have to be careful because other worms will also want to eat you and make you lose,  so you have to drive your worm perfectly so as to avoid them. Speed boost can also be used to run away from other worms, and also destroyed them,  but keep abreast that the more speed boost (acceleration)  you use,  the more you lose weight and become smaller and smaller.  Also, bear in mind that growing too big will make your worm slow,  but this will enable you to have a larger view of the playing map  so that you can see other enemy worms coming. 

Game Control 

wormate.io game controlWhen playing Wormate.io with your pc or smartphone your worm will simply follow the direction of your mouse cursor or the point you tap on the screen of your phone if you are using a smartphone.  Mind you,  you cannot stop the movement of your worm,  rather you can only direct it.  Also, left click your mouse to boost the speed of your worm.  But remember that this move will result in making your worm loose candies and then grow smaller and smaller.
Check out this game today and you’ll love every bit of it. Also, wormate.io is unblocked at school.

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