About Game how to is an amazing game with similarities to games such as agario where it puts you in a tetris style world with masses of shapes.  The game starts as a small block in a world where it is filled with little blocks. If you touch any of them, they will stick to your block and create a square making your square to grow. The good thing about this is that you can grow your block into any shape that you want.

Gameplay description

Player movements are done using the mouse curser. You can also drop single blocks in front of you by pressing W which also helps you throw away blocks, rotate the blocks by using D/A and  space bar can be used to speed things up.

Blockor io also gives you options to collect power-ups to enable your block to have vital boosts.

How to Play

In a world of Blockorio one finds herself surrounded by passive shapes as well as player controlled shapes. When starting off one will be among the smallest on the server and is therefore advisable that you collect the passive shapes until you gain a little more size. drawing game

It is important to take into account which part of your character takes in the block because it will help you to strategically know how to connect the blocks together as you make a larger stronger shape.

Once you have amassed a big block, you will create a structure that will help you destroy everyone else and take their blocks as your own. To destroy other blocks just crash into them and let the bigger block win. Reviews