We all love to fly in the outer space on our own spaceship, right? Flying into the cold, dark space enjoying the awesome view of the cosmos is one of the most popular dreams among us. Today, you get a chance to enjoy the horizon on where your job is to fly around the earth on a satellite. Take your position as the commander now!


Like most other IO game, the is a pretty simplistic, physics-based game. In the arena, the main target is to launch your satellite and keep it orbiting the earth as long as you can. The earth will continuously apply gravitational force on your satellite. That’s why your satellite will continue changing its direction. game

There is also a boundary how far you can go. If you touch the boundary, you’re dead. You have to stay within the limits and continue flying unless you’re dead.


The space journey requires mastering just only a couple of controls.

Booster – Spacebar or left-click

Chat – Enter


In the game, you have to get used to the gravitational field of the virtual earth and how much boost you should use. In the starting, your satellite is on the earth. Use a little amount of boost to push towards space. Don’t use the excessive booster or small booster, otherwise, you’ll die just at the starting.

Once you’re on the space, congratulations! You’ve successfully managed to set into an orbit! However, make sure that your orbit is stable and doesn’t collide with the outer boundary or the earth. When your satellite is taking a turn, you can use a little booster for some speed and changing the orbit shape. controls

The more you fly, the more point you get. Flying by the earth will grant you an additional point. Try to stabilize your orbit nearby the earth for climbing up the leaderboard faster.

Another interesting thing is the teases. Once you die, you’ll get some of the most entertaining compliments about your death.

Enjoy! Reviews