Let’s imagine ourselves at the medieval age where it’s all about farming and growing your empire while conquering others in the road. It’s the common scenario and it requires a good strategic mind to conquer the world. You need resources, soldiers, barracks, foods and supplies for continuing your domination over the world! drawing game

Ready to dominate? is such a unique game that offers the combination of strategic civilization ruling filled with tactics and numerous dangerous enemy territories.


It’s not the most polished IO game. In fact, the graphics is pretty simple and cartoonish. But worry not; it’s because of the simplicity you can greatly focus on the game itself and enjoy the full excitement of conquering enemy lands.

Here are several types of troops and buildings available at your hand –

  • Buildings
  • Capital city
  • Farm – Important for gold supply.
  • Fort – Servers as a barrier whenever enemy troops are trying to undertake your area.
  • Troops
  • Skirmisher
  • Spearman
  • Knight

You have to use your troops for exploring the unexplored lands and increasing your territory. Your land is marked with a distinct color. That’s the reason it’s named!

In the game, you’ll survive as long as your gold reserve is available. When your total gold will be less than 0, you’ll lose the game. If your enemies destroy you, you’ll also lose the game.


You have to use your cursor for selecting a troop/building and perform all the actions.

  • Camera movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Zoom in/out – Scroll


This game requires a good amount of strategy and patience to complete the domination over the entire map. At first, make sure that you start building as much “Farms” as possible. The more farm, the more gold you’ll get each now and then. This will greatly boost your offensive and defensive capability in the long run.

For each building (except farm) and troops, you need to spend a number of gold for maintenance. That’s why make sure that you always keep building farms as much as possible for the most available gold supply. gameplay

Don’t forget to keep building forts and troops as well. The stronger troops, the better chance of eliminating your enemy troops and buildings. Each time you move a troop, that specific unit will enter a 5 seconds cooldown. Feel free to move other units in the meantime.

My favorite style to play is to build as much farm as possible in the first couple minutes, then building a number of forts to secure my supply line. Then, spawn a few troops for conquering the unexplored lands, build more farms and forts etc. Remember to keep a SHARP look at your gold reserve! Reviews