In the world of sci-fi, it’s always been amazing to see all those spaceships flying throughout the galaxy and fighting with each other for gaining the total control of everything. The most dominant story line of such type is definitely Star Wars, my most favorite! For any Star Wars + sci-fi + shooting fan, this will bring the heat of war in a simplistic yet extremely thrilling way.


There’s literally no difference between Star Wars and this game. You control a spaceship here, flying through the outer space. There’ll be rocks, enemies, power-ups etc. to make your path to victory more exciting. Even the shooting is completely similar to Star Wars. In team mode, there’re 2 teams – RED and GREEN. The game features 2 different game modes.

FFA (Free for All) – In this mode, all the players are independent and free to destroy others and be the last spaceship standing. star wars

Satellite – There’re 12 satellites in the entire map. There’re 2 teams – RED & GREEN. The team that captures all the satellite wins.

The stats of your spaceship also have several power-up options. There’s the main engine (most powerful) and directional engines. Here are all the available upgradeable stats.

  • Blaster damage - Damage per shoot
  • Blaster fire rate - Firing rate (bullets per minute)
  • Bullet speed - Faster bullet projectile
  • Max health - Maximum hit point
  • Auto-repair rate - Faster healing your ship
  • Directional engines - Stronger directional engines (better movement control)


The game’s controls are a bit complex. Having the main engine and the directional engine makes it your decision to choose which one to use.

  • Movement (directional engines) – “WASD” or “arrow” keys
  • Movement (main engine) – Spacebar
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse) or SHIFT key
  • Map zoom in or out – CTRL + Mouse wheel / CTRL + “+/-”


The strategy in this game mostly depends on your skill of controlling the spaceship. The control is a bit complex, so you have to master it first. Depending on the situation, you have to decide which engine to use now. Moreover, using both types of engines, you can have the additional advantage in the field. strategy

When starting the game, there’re lots of space debris all around. Destroying them will spawn gold, the only in-game currency here. Using the gold, you have to upgrade your spaceship stats. So, your first priority should be farming gold to upgrade your ship’s stats.

Then, it’s time to get into the real battle. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible. The more kill, the better the ship! You are not allowed to choose sides (Dark or Light side), though. Ready to join the Force? Reviews