Blasts scare us, don’t they? We get a mini heart attack every time we hear something too loud. But only in real world, not in the virtual world. Blast arena is a new game made by the game developers called the IO games. Place bombs, destroy walls and run!

Gameplay description

The game starts off by entering your game. It is like a grey and brownish board where the game takes place. There are walls and fixed walls. Move your avatar to wander in the arena. But as the walls are hurdles, place a bomb to destroy them. However, the blue walls are fixed and the bomb will have no effect on them. Make sure to leave the bomb place or you will die as well. Place bombs near your opponents to kill them. game

As this is an online game and various players are playing in the same room. They will place the bombs near you too. So as soon as you see a black bomb with yellowish red fire burning on top, run away from that area to save yourself. Your sole aim is to destroy the walls and eliminate players to reach the top of the score board which is visible on top right of the screen. You will hopefully enjoy a lot playing this game as it is highly engaging and captivates the gamers mind.

Controls to play the game

Use your keyboard of the laptop or PC to play the game. Move your avatar using the keys “W, A, S, D”. And place a bomb by pressing the space bar. Reviews