About Biome

Biome 3D is a 3d game. It is green themed. The game is suitable for all ages, you can play if you are a child or even an adult. The game has awesome graphics and color contrasts. Have fun rolling the ball and eating!

Gameplay description

The game starts off by entering the name and choosing your skin from a long list of skin. The game starts on the green map. You have move around your ball around the map and collect the colorful food. The food is available in various colors such as pink, purple, blue, yellow, red, green, brown and much more. The food will make you grow eventually.

biome game

You may also eat other players who are playing on the same map to grow. Stay away from the larger balls as they will eat you. This is “you only live once” game. So if you are eliminated the game will start from the beginning. You can also split your ball in two halves. Eat, grow, and wander around the map to increase your score. The goal is to have a high score on the leaderboard that is visible on the screen.

Controls to play the game Biome 3D

The game is simple and easy to play. Use the mouse of your PC or laptop to move your ball. For example, move it up to move the ball upwards on the map. To split the ball in two halves press the spacebar of the keyboard.

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