The puzzle has always been one of the most popular genres of gaming. Word puzzles are the simplest yet fun of all. Arranging words from all the scatted letters is fun, isn’t it? If you like such games, then you’ll LOVE Jumbled.io – a word puzzle game in the IO world.


The graphics of the game is standard. There’ll be a word given in the top and you have to assemble the word in the boxes at the bottom in sequential order. The letters are all scatted in the area, so your sharp look on the entire map is very important. The letters are nice, simple 3D structures scattered throughout the arena. Think of them like foam plates – they can stack on each other.

jumbled.io controls


The game is very simple without any additional control. All you have to do is drag & drop the letters in the empty boxes.

  • Drag-n-drop – Left-click (mouse)

This game is also available in the App Store. If you’re on the touch-screen, you have to drag & drop by tapping.


The game is played in a room system, 4 members each room. All of them will be trying to fill up the boxes with appropriate letters. You have to be fast and sharp to complete filling more characters before them.

jumbled.io strategy

Note that the word will appear in the top. The word can be from any language with special characters. So, make sure that you identify the proper character for the appropriate box. Don’t mix up “É” with “E”. As you’re competing against 3 other players, you better hurry. Don’t fill the wrong box; it’ll shred the letter out of the map.

In many cases, you can’t find out the proper character. Try to search inside the character piles. When dragging a character, make sure that there’s no character on it, otherwise move that first. Sometimes, you can also interfere with others’ character as well. Once a box is filled, you can’t fill it again. Thus, the one who fills more box within the fixed time becomes the winner.

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