About Game takes you to a world where you are a South American rancher/cattle rearer. Gauchos are South American cattle ranchers and rearers, and you get to be one with You are to herd cattle and keep the largest herd possible. game

The game is not all herding cattle as you encounter resistance in taking care of your herd. is a multiplayer online game, so you play against different herders who also want to dominate the game. 

Gameplay description

As you guide your herd, you are also to strive to get to the middle of the map. You should be better to guide your herd carefully and also watch out for other gauchos who will try to disorganize your herd and take your cows and bulls. drawing game

You will also need to fight off wild bulls and cows on your quest. When you find stray cows and bulls, be sure to engage them and conquer them to add them to your herd. Remember, the goal is to gather the largest number of cows and bulls. You should also be strategic in conquering wild cattle so that your herd has a good proportion of cows and bulls.


As you play the game, you should also acquire items that give your herd an added advantage in eliminating other gauchos and taking over their herds. The controls of this game include the mouse and the keyboard. With the move around and direct your herd. With the space bar, you defeat stray cattle. With, you get to ride away to victory and earn points by conquering other gauchos. Reviews