Almost all of the gamers in the world are the fan of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series where you can roam around the open world and make your way to the top of the gangster. No need to worry whether you’ve completed the game or not willing to pay money now – got you covered. Developed by Mathew Matakovic, this game is really awesome that returns the nostalgic feeling of being a gangster of GTA!


The gameplay is pretty cool, to be honest. You spawn with a general avatar, no special skins available right now. You have a general gun to shoot with. The game features a nice, open map where the brawl of survival and becoming the gangster continues. There’re forests, beaches, towns etc. representing the GTA world entirely. I personally LOVE the map for such a nice landscape. You can build a wall for protecting yourself or even steal cars! gta game


This game features a very simple yet cool control system.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse)
  • Place wall – Right-click (mouse)
  • Sprint – Shift key
  • Pick up guns/health/car – Spacebar

Strategy drawing gameThe game is very exciting with all the beautiful dynamics. When you spawn, you spawn at the beach, forest or the city. There’ll be destroyable objects all around yourself (including other players). The more you destroy, the more money you’ll earn. Your money also represents your bounty (at the bottom-right corner).

At first, engaging with other players is very risky as you don’t have any powerful weapon. That’s why to continue farming by destroying everything around yourself. If you face any opponent, run away from him as fast as possible (unless he’s on low health). Try to explore the map for better weapons. I love the forest as there’re plenty of destroyable objects to earn you more money.

The beach is a better place to find out powerful weapons. There’re several types of weapons, like a shotgun, rockets, machine gun etc. Each of them is useful in a different scenario, but the machine gun is the most efficient one in terms of killing. Use rockets/shotgun to farm money. strategy

Walls are quite important in this game. If you’re in a mess of tons of players, you should try to run as fast as possible. You should build a fortress with the walls so that you can safely hide in the arena. Walls have a fixed price of $15 (in-game currency), so watch out for your bank. Walls have a specific HP and can be shot down.

Use cars to dash through enemy defenses or crush them. Cars also have an HP. When in the car, you won’t get any damage along with the speed boost. Play with friends to have even a better advantage. Don’t forget to choose the nearest server to your geographic location for the better experience. Pumped? Reviews