Eating is my most favorite thing to do. I bet that most of you love the same thing, right? Eating all the delicious foods (chicken, pizza, burger etc.) all the time is my dream. If you’re a hardcore foodie, I DARE you not stop playing! It’s all about food, eating and killing in a super fun arena.

Gameplay is really fun and interesting. At first, you have to choose your avatar. They have such a good collection! Each of them looks like dumb, but don’t let the foolish look fool you; they’re your ultimate weapon. game

Once you enter the arena, look out for food to eat and shoot to kill others. An interesting thing is, after each kill, your enemy will turn into a bunch of food! The more you eat, the larger you become. That’s really interesting, as you’re more susceptible to others’ attacks. The graphics are really funny yet nice. As an IO game, it’s really polished. The eyes of the avatar will follow your cursor.


The game is very simple, even though having just one simple control – movement. The avatar will continue following your cursor, so make sure to point your cursor in the right direction.

  • Shoot – Left-click (mouse), W
  • Movement – cursor


The main target in this game is to get more and more kills to be on the top of the leaderboard. If you eat too much, you’ll gain more area to get damaged. If you’re shot, your health will be replenished if you eat those foods available in the arena.

There’re 2 sources of foods – around the circular saws and dead enemies. When eating the saws, make sure that you don’t get scratched by the sharpness of the spinning blades or you’ll be damaged. When killing an opponent, they’ll burst into foods. Unless you’re damaged, I recommend staying away from any food.

However, the bigger you become, the more your health. That’s a good thing to remember. There’re bolts scattered around the map that’ll explode and send a wave of bullets if you hit them or shoot them. Be careful!

When eating food, your body has to touch the food only. You’ll notice a circular border around yourself; that’s your main physical border. If you see an enemy, shoot him down and stay away from his bullets at the same time. Ready to eat? Reviews