About Game

Warehousepanic is an io game based on building blocks in the provided box. This is the craziest game to play that can blow your mind. It is just a test of your quickness and strategy. You need to be on top among other online players playing with you at the end the game. The game can be played on web and It is available for the android phone as well.

Gameplay Description

There is only a minute for you to make square blocks as many as you can. This is a multiplayer game so you need to make more blocks to beat them. Same is the case for the opponents as well. They try to make things better than you. The sharpest person in the game wins at the end.

warehousepanic.io game

Carefully put your blocks in right places to make a supreme image. Choose your block placement as soon as it appears on the screen. If you couldn't find the right spot then at least place the block in the vacant area so your boxes should not look creepy.

How to Play?

Use arrow keys to move the blocks to place them all in right spots. The mouse can be used for the movement of the blocks and and spot is on time in the map. The game controls are easiest just like other io games.

So get in touch with this mind blowing game and prove yourself that youre the best one among other online players. As I said, you have only one minute to show your sharp skills in this game so you cant get bored while playing this game. Stay happy and be sharp by mind.

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