About game happens came as another blockbuster game from io, it is multiplayer where you have to do everything to get hold of the enemy flag. This game is easy, fun and interesting. There are options where you can select from one of the three roles available; magician, archer and the warrior. Each of these characters depending on your option has its own unique battle winning and point gaining style. game

They’re various exciting levels embedded in this game where you have to battle other creatures. And you have to apply all the available skills to win and overcome the monsters. Your goal in this game is to move within a circle which is colored and you can also select a class. You have to attack your enemies and avoid them from attacking you. Just like other io games is free and can be played in your browser and mobile. has an awesome graphics, it also has a simple battle system and each level is not quite easy to pass.

Gameplay description

The main aim here is to upgrade your character to the maximum and feature in the top leaderboard. In other to upgrade your chosen character, you will reach for the flag, kill many monsters creatures as possible and pick flowers. The higher the levels, the stronger the monsters and fiercer the battle. Always take advantage of an enemy to defeat them when they have just battled another enemy and has lost a lot of HP. drawing game

In every successfully passed level, you will gain points for your experience. These points gained can be used to regain your health, fix damages from battle and also used to increase your speed. The flag is indeed worth a lot of points, they are other things give points too.  To have a peaceful life, just hid in a corner far from the flag and ambush monsters to help your team win.

How to Play?

  • Use keys W A S D 
  • Spacebar for jumps
  • Move the Mouse to Aim
  • Press the mouse to Attack Reviews