About Rocket Blitz

Rockets are something that everyone wants to experience once in a lifetime. But sadly, this isn’t an easy task to get access and ride in a rocket. It may be impossible though. But who knew it could be possible. I mean in the virtual gaming world. IO games has developed a game which involves rockets. Get on this journey of rocket fights.

Gameplay description

The game will start when you choose either a blue or red team or the computer can auto select in for you. Then select if you want to ride the rocket or the spaceship. Once chosen you will be assigned to a game and the game will start in a dark themes galaxy. Small bright stars can be seen on the arena. Move around towards the planet to assign them the color of your team. You can also go to enemy’s planets and make them yours by staying there for some time. If you see a rocket or spaceship on the enemy shoot them as soon as possible. The team who will have all the planets acquired will be the winner of the game.

rocketblitz gameplay

Fly up in the horizon and have the ultimate experience of riding and controlling a rocket. You can register yourself to the game to save the scores or you can also play as a guest if you are on the go.

Controls to play the game

Use the keys “W” and “S” to move the rocket forward or backwards. Use “A” and “D” to move the rocket left or right respectively. To shoot other rocket ships in the sky press the space bar and it will fire instantly. Good luck acquiring the galaxy.

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