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Timing is everything. 5 minutes to kill is a game in which you get time to kill people. This is a shooting game, move around the game and kill people with the guns you collect. The game has a compact arena which is a town and its roads. There is green grass and grey roads. In short, it has some awesome graphics which makes the outlook of the game amazing and eye catchy to the players.

Gameplay description

The game will start when you enter a name for your gun man. Once it starts you will find yourself unarmed in the arena. Move around the roads, grass, pass the buildings and fins yourself a gun as soon as possible. Without the gun you will be killed by other players in no more than a few seconds or minutes. Once you have found the gun or a something to hit the other players you are ready to go chasing. Chase other players and shoot them and kill them finally. Your 1 attack won’t kill them, so attack them many times so there is chance that they can take breath again.

5mintokill.io game

While you are on your mission to kill as many people as you can others share the same motto as well. So they will come after you as well. Hide when you see an enemy approaching and kill them from their behind so that your job gets done even when they can’t see you. Your health bar will be visible to you at right corner down side of the screen. Keep your health in check and get a health jacket for yourself.

5mintokill.io description

With the coins you collect in the game you can buy skins from the shop. You can play this game as a guest or you can login with Google, Facebook and etc. to save your progress. So when you come back to the game later your skins and scores will be there.

Controls to play 5mintokill

To move your gun man use keys “W, S, A, D”. To attack or shoot use the mouse’s left click. To pick up guns click right. To use the spray in the game press the key “T”. I hope you will enjoy this adventurous game! Go on and show your inner talent. Become the next behind the screen genius of the game 5 minutes to kill.

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