About CarBoom

People who have passion for cars and racing will love this game by IO. Some of us might not be legal to drive cars at this age so this game can fulfill your inner desired of driving a car. Enjoy the ride in Car boom and show how good you can drive even if you are not allowed to drive on the real roads yet. It is true to say that virtual world fulfils our deepest desires.

Gameplay description

The game starts in a mountainous arena where you race and shoot other players all the way long while racing. While you are racing, if a car comes in your way shoot it and boom it. This will eliminate the car from the map. While you are on the go, keep your eyes straight as you might get hit by the obstacles that are specially put there to distract you and harm you. So beware and avoid them. As you progress in the map you will earn points. By earing points you can upgrade your existing car and also buy new or upgrade weapons to shoot. gameplay

As everyone is on the verge to survive for the longest time, watch out for your enemies who might be finding a chance to attack you from behind. Drift away from them soon and shoot them to make sure they do not dare again to attack. This game has amazing 3D graphics which give real time driving experience.

Controls to play the game Car

Use the keyboards arrow keys or “W, A, S, D” to move your cars direction. To shoot enemy’s cars click left on the mouse to release bullets. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the whole new experience of fun and racing! Reviews