About Jukegame.io

It is one hell of a multi-player game where the rules of the game are simplest. The requirements for playing the game are nothing. Just pick a nickname and start enjoying the game in no time. No personal email or info is required for playing the game. This is what is all about an io game.

Gameplay Description

The game does not offer any difficulty to understand. The game has three modes and you can choose them according to your choice. The game modes are classic, collaborative and deathmatch.

Classic mode has two teams and bases. The team first capturing the flag wins. The winner in this mode gets 3 points.

jukegame.io game

The collaborative mode has the same story as classic mode. The difference is, you need to capture gold flag which is useful to kill your enemies.

The hardest mode in the game is deathmatch. this mode you need to carry the flag for ten seconds no matter what does it take to do that. The person who does that wins the game and gets the highest rank in the table.

How to play Jukegame.io

The movements are controlled through arrow keys. WASD keys are also used to operate this function. For passing the flag, you just need to press the spacebar. E can be used to make a special move. Use enter key to have chat options. If you are willing to chat with your teammates them press T. You always need them to stay in the game to chat with them to decide your goals.

So, I am done. If you want some fantastic game to play then play jukegame.io and have fun. Be happy and stay blessed! 

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