Did you ever take a look how the world of business works? The bigger companies set new factories, overtake other smaller companies and grow in business. What would you do to dominate the world? What would be your business planning? The answer is really simple. Try your business skills and tactics in the world of Spred.io – a game where everything is business!


The graphics of Spred.io is really simplistic. Your avatar is a ball in the target of gaining all the properties of the entire world. There are other players opposing you. Take them down and rule the day. Simple, right?

spred.io gameplay

However, taking over others isn’t that simple. You need to gain more production, secure your factories, control over the map and become the biggest businessman. You need to act tactfully for reaching your goal.

There are 2 game modes available for playing.

  • FFA
  • Diplomacy


The game is full of controls. That makes a critical combination of both your skills and focus. Here are all the functions you can do.

  • Movement – Cursor [your avatar will follow your cursor]
  • Fire (food) – W or Z
  • Fire (poison) – X
  • Build a wall – B
  • Destroy wall (owned) – V
  • Set a mine (Minelayers only) – S
  • Split – Spacebar


The goal here is to control 75% of the entire map with your own color. This is really important and the prime goal of all players. Once you reach 75%, you win the game. However, the path isn’t so smooth.

When you spawn, you’ll be facing numerous opponents to take everyone down. Your size is small, your production rate is low and above all, you’re vulnerable to all types of attacks. In order to grow up, you have to increase your production.

When you move out on the map, each tile you acquire will work as a source of food for you. It’ll help you grow faster and become more powerful. The health is counted as “Mass”. The higher mass, the bigger you. Using the mass, you can perform hundreds of things. That’s why it’s important to choose the right role for your avatar. In the beginning, there are 6 options available.

  • Normal
  • Builder
  • Hunter
  • Tank
  • Sapper
  • Minelayer

Each of them has different roles, abilities, and weaknesses. If you’re not sure, start your journey first with Normal. Don’t worry as you can change the role each time you start the game.

Now, time to take over as many tiles and factories possible. The more you capture, the faster mass production. Using your mass, you can build a wall on your taken-over tiles. Protect the mills at most because those will be your most valuable resource. You can also upgrade your walls by feeding them.

When walls are maxed level, you’re able to set a defensive turret on it. This is very useful for the perfect defensive layout. Capture & secure as many factories as possible. Then, continue setting turrets and spreading your kingdom.

You’ll see your percentage in the entire map on the top. Continue domination unless you reach 75%. Note that you can eat others or get eaten. The ones heavier than you will eat you and the ones smaller than you will get eaten by you. It’s decided by the mass.

The splitting is a cool feature. Using split, you can either evade any big face-to-face combat or overwhelm your enemies. You can feed your walls faster with the larger number of faster growth. You can even feed yourself to become together again.

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