Galactic Snakes is an addicting new game that keeps the player hooked for hours. Choose from a wide range of snake skins and enter the game zone where you will encounter other players of all shapes and sizes, dodge them and eat particles as you make your way up to the leaderboard. The game is a very enjoyable; I have spent a good amount of time playing it without getting bored.

Game Description

To enter the game you will first have to pick a nickname and a skin for yourself, the game offers a wide range of colors and sizes for your snake to make it look cooler. Once you are in the game zone, you will find other players battling for their chance on top of the leaderboard which is on the top right corner of the screen. There is also a map on the bottom that shows you where there are more particles to eat, and where your opponents are. game

Avoid getting hit by the game zone boundaries or running into other snakes otherwise you will die and will be out of the game. However, try killing other snakes by navigating your way around them in such a way that they run into you, you can eat them later to increase in size. The more particles and dead opponents you eat, the more points you will get and will be more lethal to other opponents.

How to play 

All you have to do is work with your mouse in this game. Simply point and move your mouse in the direction you want your snake to move in and it will follow. Use the right mouse button to enter speed mode where you snake will accelerate faster. By clicking on the left mouse button your snake will shoot, use this to kill enemies. A little practice will make you a pro in no time. Reviews