Fighting with a stick is always funny and interesting, right? Hitting others & killing is always a great part of many games you can play online. However, on, you have to poke your enemies with your stick to win. It’s a funny game and a great pun in the world of IO.


Just like any other IO game, the graphics of is nothing special but polished for the simple interface. However, the game itself is really funny. Your avatar is a human holding a sausage-like stick straight. Your target is to poke others with that stick and get as many kills as possible.

The pun here is funny and I request not to take things too seriously (it may trigger lots of people). Just stay cool and have the fun of smashing others with your sausage! gameplay

This game is also available in joystick mode (mobile devices). So, all you need is a browser on your smartphone. Your skin is highly customizable (hair color, style etc.), so choose the right one to set you in the mood.


There are no special controls in Cocky

  • Movement – cursor [your avatar will follow the cursor]
  • Speed boost – Left-click (mouse)


The goal here is to get as many kills as possible and survive from others’ attacks. The game is really funny and doesn’t require too much to master. However, it’s fairly difficult to add the adrenaline rush quite a bit.

When you spawn, your weapon is on the smallest size. Don’t worry, as eating food in the arena will grow your weapon bit by bit. At first, focus on acquiring more and more food to grow your weapon in size. The larger your weapon, the more advantage you have in the field. strategy

Whenever you get the chance to kill, don’t let it go so easily. Each kill adds the point and drops tons of foods. Consuming those, your weapon will have an even bigger size in the arena.

The dash is really helpful here. You can sudden-strike players and get a nice kill. Moreover, it can help you get out of a crowd where you may get killed easily. There’s a limit how long you can dash. The bar is at the bottom of the screen. If it hits zero, don’t worry. It’ll replenish over time. Reviews