FPS has always been one of the most popular genres of gaming. Hunting down your enemies with your favorite gun in hand in an open field or a complex building is quite the fun, right? It has the element of surprise combined with the ultimate test of your muscle memory. CS:GO is the modern-day definition of FPS games. Now, mix the vibe of Minecraft and voila! is ready to entertain the shooting enthusiasts!


The game itself is quite tough and fast-paced, just like CS:GO. However, thanks to the mixture of Minecraft, the graphics is quite simplistic. The players are all blocks holding weapons. Thankfully, the weapons aren’t pixelated!

Don’t let your ego fool yourself. It may be an IO game but the thrill is similar to any full-fledged FPS games. Sometimes, your objective is to capture the zone, sometimes snatching the flag. Whatever the objective is, it’s always fast-paced shooting action. You have to be very fast in reaction to actually win any gunfight. gameplay

Like any FPS games, there are different classes and weapons. For example, you can play as Vince (shotgun expert), Hunter (sniper), Triggerman (assault), Rocketeer (rocket launcher) and others. My favorite is the assault and rocket launcher. Feel free to check other classes out. They’re quite different in playing style and pretty interesting.

It’s recommended to create an account with because there are a lot of ways to enhance your gameplay and experience that only unlocks when you have an account.


The controls are pretty simple, as expected from an FPS game.

  • Movement – WASD and Arrow keys
  • Fire weapon – Left-click (mouse)
  • Aim down sight – Right-click (mouse) [hold]
  • Jump – Spacebar


If you’ve played any FPS game before, you already know the drill. You see your enemy, you burst out all your wrath on the enemy and the surroundings until you or your enemy perishes.

Just kidding. But one thing is true; you have to be very reactive to eliminate your enemies. Moreover, you have to be quite precise. Precision is the KEY to victory here. If you’re accustomed to a certain sensitivity, you can easily transfer it into the game. Just check out the settings and configure your preferable sensitivity. controls

It’s a true FPS, so there’s not so much room for game-sense or similar. However, keep checking your surroundings. Sometimes, your enemies can sneak behind and wreak you instantly.

Try for headshots. Just like any regular FPS game, headshots do extra damage. It requires better muscle memory and quite the experience with the shooting. If you’re hungry for fast-paced shooting action, is the best one to jump in right now! Reviews