Mope io

About Mope io

Mope io is an online game by IO games. It is a branch game of other games named as, and many others. It is one of the most exciting game to play, every time it is played, our gamer minds asks for more and more. This game takes place in the water and also land. We can either choose a mouse or a shrimp to swim. Other animals in the game are kraken, dragon, giraffe, eagle, crab and etc. Sounds interesting how land animals are part of the water world, right? 

Gameplay description

What makes this game unique is that, unlike other games, it allows all users to play the same game. For example, if you are playing mopeio, your friend from another browser can join you. He will be playing too, you both can team up and eat other players and as well as chase each other. controls

In this game your mouse or shrimp survives by eating food. And do not forget to collect water, as your shrimp or mouse may die of thirst. Eagle and other animals will chase you and try to eat you, you have to make sure your shrimp/mouse stays safe at all costs. Meanwhile, you are spawning you are also collecting points in the form of XP. 

Controls of the game descriptionThe shrimp or mouse can be moved around the map towards water or land by using the mouse of your laptop/computer. You have to left click on the mouse in a direction to move your mouse/shrimp towards that direction. For example if you see food at right side, you can move your mouse towards right side and left click on mouse. Your shrimp/mouse will move towards that direction. 

If you are a gamer like me, beware you can get addicted to this game easily. Time for throwing out your anger by eating other players from around the world. Fortunately, the game is unblocked at school.

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