Paper io is an excellent release from VOODOO game company.  It has made its own name despite being in a community of excellent games. The hallmark of this game is its extremely simple, yet highly colorful and creative visuals. It can be played offline and online, so it’s great for playing even while one is on a long flight. In the online mode you compete against multiple players from all over the world. And in the offline mode, you compete against multiple Artificial Intelligence/Computer generated characters. game

Paperio is a simple strategy game. The aim is to acquire as much territory as possible. The method is simple; you acquire territory by enclosing it with your tail. The territory could be the free white space on the ‘gamescape’ or the already acquired space of an opponent. There is no penalty at all for stealing an opponent’s territory; therefore, no territory is off-limits. Your points increase as you expand your territory. gameplayHowever, your opponents can steal your territory as well; this means you must be careful to guard it.  You must take care to protect your tail, because once it is touched or crossed by an opponent, you die. Your opponents die too when you cross or touch their tails. exists on the Mobile and P.C gaming platform. The gameplay is so smooth that it’s often hard to tell whether one is playing offline or online. 
You would do well to check out this game.


Use WASD keys to control your character, if you are using a P.C with a keyboard.

  • W for navigating upwards
  • A for navigating left
  • S is for navigating downwards
  • D is for navigating right

If your device has a touch sensitive screen, you can control the character by just swiping in the direction you wish to go and it would go in that direction. The WASD controls are strictly for the keyboard users. Be sure of your movement before you make it though, because once you move in a particular direction, you can’t reverse. Reviews