About Lordz.io

Lordz io is a game developed by IO games. It joins in the family tree of other prominent games such as Ghostz.io, moomoo.io, mope.io, and etc. The idea of the game is different from the basic games as this involves complexity. A true gamer can ace this game.

Gameplay description 

Lordzio starts off with a single lord. You have to wander the map and collect gold. After collecting the gold, you can use it to build your army, houses, defenses and other buildings. Once your army is ready you can attack other castles and houses of users. They will also attack you so your army should be strong enough or you can run away. Build strong defenses because you will get attacked too.

lordz.io game

As this is an online game, there are real players playing from all over the world. You can invite your friends, team up and play against others while defending your territory. This game is like a warfare, with attacks going on everywhere. If you are aggressive and angry you can totally let out your anger here by attacking others. Build a strong army and play with a planned strategy to top the score board. 

Controls to play 

Use the mouse of your computer or PC to move around your lord and soldiers. Press spacebar to split your army in half. To build a house press “E”, to build tower press “R”. To increase your army press “T” to get solider, “Y” for knight, “U” for archer, “I” for barbarian and “O” for a dragon. 

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