Do you like playing free moving games with no rules or what so ever? Well this is the game that you might want to play. Brutalio is simple, you have digitized car with a pointy flail that attached to the back of your car, which you can either roll it with you or you can throw at the opponent. The only way player can come on the top of the leaderboard is by killing other players using the flail. game

At the start of the game your flail will be small and to grow your chances for killing others you have gain more energy and to get it you have to supper onto the jelly like energy green eels, this is where the fun part lies in. As much as you gain energy you flail will get larger and that will increase your chances to destroy.

Gameplay Description

As soon as you start, your competition begins. You start off with a small flail, so don’t rush into killing others until you have enough energy. You can either eat little beads or you can eat green eels which are collection of those beads. Once your flail is big enough then you can roll around or move around and throw your flail at the cars of the other players that will destroy them, if you succeed to destroy a player, the player’s collected beads will disperse as soon as the car destroys. Note the dispersed beads can be availed by anyone, so you have to hurry. drawing game

You can throw your flail and you can also call it back. The player on the top of the leaderboard is the King and he will the largest flail, so make sure you stay away unless you have got you have a large flail too. Save yourself from electrocution there are electricity traps too that might kill you. The game is really easy to play.

How to play

The player just needs a computer mouse to move the car in the direction. Use the left mouse button to throw the flail. Press and hold the left mouse button to recall the flail back to the car. Happily, is unblocked at schools. Reviews