Laaaava io is an amazing game with high resolution and awesome graphics. The game is developed by the Lagged IO games. It is an online game in which the floor is all covered with the hot lava.

Gameplay description

The game starts off with connecting various talented players from all over the world. One game at a time involves 5 players. The game starts with the hot burning lava which is spread all over the place specially the floor. The players compete with each other. Push off other online players to kill them and the last one to stay alive is the winner. The one who saves himself from the hot burning lava wins the game and owns the crown. gameplay

In this game you can show off your gaming skills by being the one who stays alive till the last by strategy such as, by staying apart from players at the start and once all are dead except one, you can step in like a hero, push him by jumping over him and safe the winning title for your name. We hope you will enjoy the game.

Controls to play the game

The game has to be played by using the mouse of your PC or Laptop. Move the mouse in the directing where you want to move your ball to. For example, move the mouse at right side to move the ball towards right. Left click on the mouse to jump over and push the players into the lava. Reviews